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Houses of Worship

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Houses of Worship


Safe n’ Sound Creative Technologies provides audio, video, and lighting solutions for Houses of Worship with a focus on quality as well as simplicity. These services include (but are not limited to) Professional Sound systems, Multimedia systems (for ProPresenter, PowerPoint, Easy Worship, etc), Lighting Control systems, and HVAC Control systems.

By dedicating enough time at the beginning of a project to system design and by making meticulous product selections we can avoid most of the problems that seem almost inherent with many systems. For example, before a morning worship service pressing one button on a touch screen controller would power up and make general settings to the entire system (including all audio and video components, lighting, HVAC, etc) bringing all the included systems to preset levels that would be appropriate for a morning service. While live adjustments will always be needed, having this consistent default starting place can greatly simplify operations. Let’s suppose you had hosted a midweek special event at your facility that required numerous unique settings to the sound board. Selecting the “morning service” default on your touch screen system controller would override all of these special settings and return things to normal.

Our experience (dating back to 1987) of providing quality products and dependable service allows us to offer reliable systems for even the largest of facilities. This allows churches in our region to work with a local company with a strong foundation rather than being forced to use the services of out-of-state companies.

Other services we provide for Houses of Worship

sns-march15-houzz-176We provide many other products and services for Houses of Worship that extend beyond the sanctuary. For example flat panel video monitors and in-ceiling speakers can be located throughout the facility to distribute audio and video for announcements, schedules, or special events. We also provide complete security systems, camera systems, and access control systems.