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Home Health Systems

Utilizing technology to provide the information needed to remain in the comforts of home.Home Health Systems

Does your loved one need more assistance in their daily activities? Do you need more peace of mind that they can get help in an emergency situation? Safe n’ Sound can provide systems that help extend the amount of time a senior can remain at home. Often these systems reduce the need for onsite staff as well postpone a move to costly care facilities.

Often the system cost for an entire year will be less than 1 month at a care facility saving the client money, time, and enabling them to stay in their own home much longer. By tracking door and/or motion activity, time in bed, time on the couch and/or chair, medicine cabinet access, camera viewing, and much more, we can give family members and/or caregivers the information needed to have peace of mind that all is well, or a quick notification when it’s not. We custom tailor these systems to your individual needs so your family member can continue to enjoy the benefits of home.