Safe N' Sound Creative Technologies

Whole House Audio/Video Systems

High quality music and/or video throughout the home without obtrusive equipment.
These systems allow us to distribute audio and/or video signals throughout the premises. The electronic components can be in a concealed equipment rack. sns-march15-houzz-122The speakers will in most cases be flush mounted into the walls or ceilings. Our flush mounted speaker grills are paintable. The end result is fantastic music and/or video throughout the residence with virtually no visible wiring or equipment.

Multiple Sources Playing in Different Areas

Depending on the system design, you can have different audio/video sources playing in different areas throughout the premises. For example, you may want the game on in the great room, a movie on in the bedroom, but you may want music playing on the back deck. No problem. Our systems can be designed to accommodate your needs.


Same Sources Playing Throughout

If you are entertaining, as guests minglesns-march15-houzz-145 throughout your home, they will hear the same quality music in all areas.

Outdoor Applications

Whether for music purposes or even movie/surround applications, high quality audio/video outdoors can really be very enjoyable.

From basic volume control based systems to more elaborate keypad or touch-screen controlled systems, Safe n’ Sound can meet your audio/video distribution needs.