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Home Security Systems

Protect your loved ones and property from anywhere, anytime.
We provide quality security systems that, from our own experience in security since 1987, have proven to be extremely reliable. Unlike many of our competitors’ “one-size-fits-all” approach, our security systems are custom designed to meet your specific needs.

It’s now easier and more affordable than ever to have a “Smart Home” Security System from Safe n’ Sound! With several new products and services available, we can setup a simple integration of your Security, Lighting, Motorized Door Locks, Thermostats, Video Cameras, and More. Enjoy the convenience of Remote Access and Wireless Security Monitoring. Give us a call or send us an email to schedule an appointment to review your system needs.


Interactive Services

Do you want to arm your home security system from your smart phone? How about getting a text alert to notify you with a picture of your child when they’re arriving home? What if you could have the efficiency of an automated heat and air schedule and the convenience to change the temperature anywhere or any time from your mobile device? We can provide the most advanced features to our customers at a reasonable price. Call or email us to learn more about these capabilities.


Fire Alarm Systems

An undetected fire may be an even greater concern than burglary. In most residential applications, fire detection can be integrated with the intrusion alarm system.

Driveway Alert Systems

Have you ever been unpleasantly surprised by someone at your door when you didn’t even know there was a car in your driveway? An invisible Driveway Alert System can give you an advanced warning (via a soft tone) that a vehicle has entered your driveway, therefore reducing or eliminating the surprise. The tone can also allow you to promptly greet expected visitors. Driveway Alert Systems can be integrated with Lighting Control to provide the extra comfort and security of a lit path as you enter your home.

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Wireless Central Monitoring Services

Safe n’ Sound offers top quality residential and commercial alarm monitoring services. Know that when your alarm system has been activated, help is on the way 24/7.  Wireless monitoring is the most secure and dependable method for Security Monitoring.

And Much More

It is impossible to list all security applications here. If you have interests or needs other than what is described here, chances are we can be of assistance to you.  Contact us for additional information.