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Jama Antol

Jama AntolOffice Manager

Jama has been with Safe n’ Sound since October of 2006. Jama (pronounced Jay-ma) grew up near the beach in South Florida before settling in the beautiful green hills of East Tennessee. An English Literature major in college, her mind has always been drawn to things creative.

Before becoming a mom, Jama co-owned a coffee-house. She was involved in everything from purchasing, managing employees, menu planning, conquering the espresso machine, baking, and mastering the all-important element of customer service! Soon after selling the coffee shop Jama and her husband Joe started a family of their own. For the next portion of her life Jama was fortunate enough to be a full time stay-at-home mom for her two lovely and fabulous daughters. This was time spent managing a home, keeping babies fed and clean, brains growing and thriving, many trips to the library, soccer for the little ones, a turn at home schooling, and perfecting the cupcake-with-sprinkles.

Now back among adults full time, Jama enjoys the ever growing and interesting world of creative technologies! One favorite aspect of her work at Safe n’ Sound is the personal interaction she has with our clientèle, purposing to keep our little corner of an increasingly complex world real.

Jama lives in the Knoxville area with her husband Joe and 2 daughters.