Safe N' Sound Creative Technologies

John Harrell

John HarrellVice President/Operations Manager

John has been with Safe n’ Sound since July of 2001. His roles in the company include Sales, System Design, Project Management, Inventory Management, and Scheduling. He is responsible for most day to day activities that happen outside of the office work as well as assisting Geoff with the overall company management/direction.

John has participated in numerous training courses since 2001 and has earned the following notable certifications in that time:


CEDIA Certified Professional EST II
CEDIA Certified Professional EST III
AMX ACE Installer Certification
AMX ACE Programmer 1
ESA Certified Alarm Technician Level 1
ESA Advanced Intrusion Systems



John’s zeal for technology began at age 14. Having an interest in cars, he began working on a 1967 Mercury Cougar. Realizing that the restoration would be enhanced with the installation of a great audio system, he decided to tackle the job himself. Over the next few years he designed and installed several quality car audio systems for himself and his friends.

When John was in Middle School, his interest in music led him to join the band. Throughout his Middle and High School years he played various percussion instruments, with the marching snare drum being his favorite. John’s leadership skills surfaced when he was appointed Drum Captain for his Junior and Senior years. He currently runs sound for his church and periodically plays drums for Sunday services.  John’s also responsible for the various Audio/Video needs at the church and is directly involved in the International Missions programs.

John has been married to his wife Lindsey since 2003. They reside in the Corryton area with their 4 children.