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Lynn Tillett

Lynn TillettRetired

Lynn is Geoff’s father. It was actually by his encouragement that Geoff started the company. As Lynn has been in the industry for many years, he brings an abundance of business experience to the organization. Without his contributions, the company simply would not be what it is today.

Early Beginnings:

After being discharged from the US Air Force in 1946, having been trained in radar technology, Lynn attended a local electronics school in which he learned radio repair. Around 1947, he began selling industrial sound products as well as high fidelity stereo and recording equipment.

Around 1949, after attending a trade show in Chicago, Lynn purchased an almost unheard of device called a television. The closest transmitting TV station at that time was in Oklahoma City. Being young and full of energy, he loaded up the new TV and headed west. To the best of his recollection the real excitement began in a small Arkansas community in the corner of a service station parking lot – HE RECEIVED THE COVETED FUZZY TEST PATTERN from Oklahoma City. After returning home, Lynn immediately sought help from a mathematician friend from Oak Ridge’s X-10 plant. After weeks of engineering and designing, he built a very large TV antenna and placed it in his back yard. Success at last – he could now receive the fuzzy 1- hour-per-night broadcast from Oklahoma City making Lynn the first person in the entire area to actually receive television broadcasts – Lynn, an East Tennessee Television Patriarch.

Around 1950, Lynn began working for an electronics distribution company. He received factory training on TV repair and subsequently taught local dealers the same. Ironically, this all occurred in preparation of the on-coming TV age – for there were still no local TV stations. Over the next 30 years or so, he helped this company acquire many product lines including Sony, Panasonic, and JVC.

Lynn has been with Safe n’ Sound since 1992. He retired in the spring of 2011.


ESA Certified Alarm Technician Level 1