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Integration Systems

By integrating your various home systems together, operation of those systems can become simple, seamless, and logical.

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Imagine …

A few minutes before getting up each morning, appropriate adjustments are made to your heat and air system so you’ll be more comfortable when you wake. Then, rather than being startled awake by an annoying alarm clock, your home system wakes you gently. The bedroom lighting comes on very softly. Music also starts to play, but at a very low volume. Both lighting and music gradually increase in brightness and volume over a period of several minutes. As you get up you touch an icon on the touch screen, indicating to the system that you are up. This will set lighting throughout the house to appropriate levels.

When you leave for the office, arming the security system will turn off any electronic systems that may have been inadvertently left on and set both your lighting and your heat and air systems to suitable levels for the unoccupied residence.

A few minutes before coming back home in the afternoon or evening, your heat and air settings will be re-adjusted in anticipation of your arrival. When you pull into the driveway (if it is after dark) exterior lighting will be automatically turned on. When you enter your home and disarm the security system, various interior lights will be automatically adjusted so as to create a pleasant ambiance inside your home. Exterior lighting that is no longer needed will then be turned back off and of course your home also greets you with music.  Should you want to listen to something different, simply walk to the nearest in-wall touch screen, scroll through the various options, and make your new selection.  Are you a little chilled? If so, touch the icon labeled Environment and bump up the inside air temperature by one or two degrees…

Obviously this example could go on and on. The benefits we can provide through Automation/Integration are virtually unlimited.